About Us

Specialties: Market Research & surveys, Growth consulting, Entrepreneurial development and expansions, Entrepreneurial Mentoring, Growth potential analysis, Chemical Project Consulting, new market development.

Biznovators as a group of companies has More than 25 years of work Excellence to its credit with following four active business domains at their nuclei – as the business hub.

  • Chemical Project consulting
    S. H. Chem. Tech. (established in 1990)
  • Market Research and Surveys
    Gaea Consulting Solutions Pvt.Ltd.[formerly S. H. Consultants Pvt. Ltd.] (established in 1999)
  • Entrepreneurial Training, Mentoring And Entrepreneurial expansions
    Biznovators (Flagship brand created in 2012)
  • "De la Artestra" the platform meant for marketing Exclusive and genuine art like exclusive paintings by famous painters And original music by genuine musicians.
    De’ la’ Artestra (Art brand created in 2012)

Change and growth are continuous and with this in mind in 2012 we also created the flagship brand Biznovators.

And one of our group company changed it’s name to be more precise & specific.

The name S. H. Consultants Pvt. Ltd. is now Gaea Consulting Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

After 21 years of working this change was a welcome initiative.


  • The business Journey began in January 1990 as S H Chem Tech, under whose aegis a number of Chemical Turnkey projects were handled successfully. S H Chem Tech, is successfully active even today.
  • But along with Chemical Industry Consultancy, there soon developed a torrent of Business Consultancy requirements. Hence, it naturally evolved as a concern offering a wide umbrella of services in the Business Consultancy segment.
  • The known as SH consultants, in 1999 Gaea Consulting SPL began its career in the Market Research and Survey segment. As such, Gaea Consulting SPL has carried out research studies for a wide range of well respected and world-renown clients from every sphere of the business world, from agriculture, Pharmaceuticals to IT.

What we offer :

  • Today Biznovators provides a wide range of top of the line, services to provide a ‘One Stop Shop’ for Business Consultancy Services.
  • ‘Any Organisation is primarily only as good as the people who run it.’ This is the secret behind the long lasting success of our companies .
  • The Biznovators team brings to any project a combined experience of around 100 Person years in various fields of Business expertise. There is also an entire network of associates, domain experts and entrepreneurs whose expertise is at hand for any project.
  • But the most important factor is the level of Commitment, Personal Involvement and Transparency that is brought to any project by the team.
  • Starting with Market Research, we today offers an entire gamut of Business Consultancy Services.


  • Market Research is the core skill set of Gaea Consulting SPL.Gaea Consulting SPL has completed innumerable Market Research assignments in every field starting from Agriculture, Pharmaceuticals, Food Processing to IT.
  • Gaea Consulting SPL has an exceptional knowledge of Market Trends and has access to best-in-class expertise and media avenues in the field of Marketing. Gaea Consulting SPLhas handled Marketing and Branding projects to the entire satisfaction of the clients. Gaea Consulting SPL has also introduced some clients into foreign markets through their Export Market Search services. Gaea Consulting SPL also has unique avenues like ‘Friends of SH’ to facilitate Marketing and Branding for their clients.
  • Because of extensive business experience, constant interactions with business leaders and constant ongoing studies, we have a unique perspective of the business environment. Based on such extensive knowledge, Biznovators has developed a unique and creative method of Enterprise Planning called the ‘Business Pyramid’. Many Enterprises have already benefitted from this model.
  • Biznovators has extensive and long standing relationships with a large number of entrepreneurs from every field. Hence, it can – and has – connected enterprises together that have mutually benefitted from such association. Biznovators has now developed a formal B2B platform with the express view to facilitate such business dealings. Regular meetings are held which facilitates friends to network and understand business needs of each other and also for vendor and service provider development. Innovative seminars and panel discussions are also regularly held under this platform.
  • Recruitment Management has nowadays become a continual exercise given the employment trends. Biznovators, through its excellent contacts is well-placed to provide effective and efficient service to its clients.

    Biznovators also has an extensive panel of domain experts in various fields and personality evaluators. Thus Biznovators provides the best-in-class access to real talent and the best means to fulfill Human Resource Management requirements.

Entrepreneurial Training , Mentoring and expansions as the core domain

  • Entrepreneurial and leadership qualities are essential in every level of Enterprise Management. Realizing this need, Biznovators has developed engaging training modules with a fresh perspective. These modules have been widely appreciated by trainees ranging from individual entrepreneurs to Top Managements of large corporates.

Commercial Real Estate Database

  • Strategic Location plays a very important part in the success of nearly every Enterprise. Through its wide ranging connections in the business world we have developed an up-to-date database of available Commercial Real Estate. What is more, that we have a unique insight in to the requirements of a Business and suggests the best solution that fulfills the maximum requirements.
  • To reiterate, Biznovators as group of companies provides :
    - Research Study
    - Enterprise Planning
    - B2B Platform
    - Branding and marketing
    - Recruitment management
    - Entrepreneurial Training
    - Commercial Real estate Database
    - Venture Consulting Services
    - Chemical project consulting
  • But the main strengths of Biznovators are:
    - Complete Commitment
    - Total Involvement
    - Wide ranging and extensive experience
    - Well planned and detailed execution
    - Scientific Approach
    - Techno-Commercial Understanding
    - And … transparency In every project they handle.
  • Aims - Biznovators as a brand: We have developed ourselves as a brand, which aims to nurture opportunities for entrepreneurs by providing a variety of growth solutions!!
    Further plans: We are in a process of establishing a research centre in Pune. Research center’s main aim is to develop the new growth strategies based on Market research and Techno-commercial principles and also to get the client- Entrepreneurs- an exact idea about the commerciality of their ventures to develop the business Purposefully.


GAEA : Real-time - Authentic and Value Added Market research experts for the non-engineering segment in India

Vision :

Research is the foundation of every invention and has manifested millions of facts before the entire world. It is the attribute that brings change. It also leads to many alternatives and explicit perceptive to the development. In short, research is the backbone of growth.

Today, the entire world is coming close to free trade. The economic margins are opening and extending their support to ease the trade practices. Due to this, the indigenous markets have become very sensitive and customer driven. To compete with these expanding markets one has to know the pulse of it. This is exactly where research comes to the rescue.

To facilitate this vision GAEA [ formerly S.H. Consultants Pvt. Ltd., established in 1999] offers various Market research-based services for the growth and development of the Corporates & Industry.

Specialization :

GAEA with expertise in strategic Techno-commercial and Socio-Commercial solutions offers knowledge-based services like Market Surveys, Research Studies, Export Market Search, customized market research, Growth Potential Analysis and business/ project opportunity analysis to the Corporates, NGOs, and Professional Entities. Our self-developed research modules are based on our strong-unique background in the strategic research arena. During last 20+ years through numerous Markets research and project consultancy assignments. GAEA has built the knowledge focus on various market segments Like Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Petrochemicals, Specialty Chemicals, Agro Products, Readymade Garments, Biotechnology, Leather Products, Natural And Herbal Products, Ayurvedic Drugs, Textile, Engineering, Plastic And Allied Industries, Garments, Agro/Food, Electronics, FMCG, Food, And Related Consumables, Software Internet And Web Portals, Handicraft Products, Construction And Housing Sector And Non-Conventional Energy Resources.

The assignments have been undertaken utilizing diverse research techniques and consulting strategies in every major segment at different levels to cater the requirements of the trade, industry and social organizations. We possess the knowledge of both Indian and international market segments. Similarly, our group company- S.H.CHEM.TECH. has the background of chemical project consultancy.


A] Customised Market Research

Keeping in mind the need of entrepreneurs interested in starting their projects and that of industries looking for diversification or improvements; we have developed a base of industry friendly consultancy services. These TECHNO-COMMERCIAL STUDIES are broadly classified as CUSTOMISED MARKET RESEARCH and include following set of services,

Market Research and Surveys-


  • Demand-Supply Gap Analysis
  • New Market Identification
  • Export Market Search
  • Product Performance Studies
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Product Launching Strategy


  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Customer Perception
  • Customer Identification
  • Dealer Assessment
  • Dealer Identification

Research and Feasibility Studies-

Gaea specializes in Research and Feasibility study assignments, which are based on field research. The specific purpose of these studies is to judge the commercial potential of a specific venture or an activity.

Our analysis strategy is based on following criteria:

  1. Technical viability,
  2. Financial feasibility,
  3. Market/ commercial utility

The main sectors focused are

  • Industrial products
  • Service industries
  • Customer Identification
  • Socio-economic studies
  • Socio-Commercial studies.

B] Collaboration and Technology Transfer Search

As we all know, with the changing winds of liberalization, many project opportunities have evolved for Indian Entrepreneurs. Many Indian companies and individuals are interested in setting up profitable businesses by tapping these opportunities. They are in search of a technology or a proper venture, which will give them an edge over others. Looking at the scope for new projects in India, we have set up a database. This database consists of detailed information about foreign companies, their technologies and their terms for Joint Ventures. This network is useful in identifying a suitable opportunity for collaboration and technology transfer.

To the foreign companies, we provide service of locating a project partner in India, analyzing his potential and evaluating the JV or Technology Transfer offers.

C] Export market search

Objective: To achieve export target in a period of 2 years.


  • Identify Markets & Importers / Buyers (Overseas).
    Product Development/ Design Advice.
  • Export Promotion Activities: Market Promotion (Publicity) Participation in Exhibitions, Image Building
  • Arranging Financial Aspects.
  • Arranging Logistics Aspects.
  • Order Execution & Payment Realization plus Incentives Guidance

Special Features:

  • Guidance and support of international trade experts
  • Module Backed up with a specialization achieved in the field of Export Potential Analysis
  • Support of a well-developed network in the overseas market

GROWTH POTENTIAL ANALYSIS – GAEA’s own developed research module

What is GPA?

  • As the name suggests it is the module, which helps in analyzing the Real-Value of a growth potential of a specific activity in a given – particular – commercial or economic scenario through a set predefined strategy.
  • This module is a perfect gel of Primary, Secondary research methods, coupled together with qualitative research principles and a creative strategy to analyse results emerging from a given commercial or economic scene to net the true growth potential of the concerned activity.

Why GPA is different?

  • It achieves a perfect value addition to the “Commercial – Marketing – Strategies” to capture the estimated growth potential.
  • Gives due importance to the client involvement during the implementation of the research assignments for giving them required exposure to prevailing market conditions prior to launch of products or services.
  • Generates the possibility of a long-term commercial tie-up with the various respondents (would be buyer) covered during the survey.

Benefits of GPA?

  • Gives opportunities to improve upon any aspects related to product/service or commercial strategy, depending on the feedback from the would be buyer.
  • Gives client the opportunity to organize and execute around priorities.
  • Actual – Fresh – Online demand patterns are known through consumer interaction.
  • Gives commercial touch to the venture and add value to marketing – commercial – strategies.
  • Helps the client in identifying the virgin market for commercial exploitation.

Assignments Completed from the field of Market research and Project start up consulting

The list of clients, assignments and associates is a partial, indicative list of the work exposure achieved either as S.H.CHEM.TECH. or as S.H.CONSULTANTS PVT.LTD, Or as GAEA CONSULTING SOLUTIONS PVT.LTD., in last 25 years.

These are the achievements we, proudly boast on. Profusion of fieldwork & research inputs has gone in these assignments as pioneering endeavor. We are having more than 2000 product wise assignments to our credit. This list here, will be never complete! But the ones’ worth mentioning are mentioned here;

Research studies: These assignments mentioned bellow are a perfect a gel of Quantitative and Qualitative Research techniques

  1. EXPORT MARKETING STRATEGY FOR HERBAL PRODUCTS AND AYURVEDIC - DRUGS Assignment conducted for MVIRDC World Trade Centre, Mumbai in year 2006-07
  2. Research Study on THE EXPORT POTENTIAL OF HERBAL PRODUCTS AND AYURVEDIC DRUGS . Assignment has been conducted for MVIRDC World Trade Centre, Mumbai and record 2000 copies of the 1st edition of the report have been sold.(Year 2002-03)
  3. Research study on EXPORT POTENTIAL OF INDIA CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES in Select Sectors like Marine/Seafood, Readymade Garments, Chemicals, Fine Chemicals, Agro products, Leather Products, Ayurvedic Products And Crude Drugs/Herbs. {Worked as an associate consultant, for this assignment which was conducted by Dept. of Science & Technology, New Delhi.}
  4. Research study on EXPORT POTENTIAL OF MAHARASHTRA, IN SELECT SECTORS like Textile, Engineering Products, Chemicals, Garments, Agro/Food, Electronics And Leather Products.{ Worked as an associate consultant, for this assignment Which was conducted by World trade Centre, Mumbai.}
  5. Research study on EXPORT POTENTIAL OF MAHARASHTRA, in Select Sectors like Marine/Seafood, Handicrafts, Ayurvedic products and Crude Drugs/Herbs. {Worked as an associate consultant, for this assignment which was conducted for Trade & Commerce Dept. Govt.. of Maharashtra.}
  6. Market Research Study On The botanical Herbs and Crude Drugs produced at various BAIF Research Centers, based on the various areas of cultivation and included the states of Maharashtra & Karnataka..
  7. Market Research Study On The Trade Center to be established at Pune for the promotion of various Handicraft Products produced by artisans; and on the possible Market Networking arrangement for these products in the cities of Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi
  8. Research study to recognize the specific nature of Good Logistic System structure based on an improvement analysis for a healthier supply chain management in the identified thrust agro activities
  9. Research study on homeless people in Pune city
  10. Study conducted for analyzing means of sustainable finance generation for Non government organization

Assignments Completed from the field of Market research and Project start up consulting

  1. FUEL SURVEY to analyze the potential of various bio- waste fuels (Agro-industrial wastes) in Kolhapur district of Maharashtra state. This survey done jointly with Thermax Ltd. of Pune clearly indicates the volumes of waste available in the district to be used by a proposed Power Generation Plant.
  2. Study on ACTUAL BIODEGRADABLE MATTER AVAILABILITY from the garbage rubbish generated in Pune City.
  3. Technology search for fuel gasification technology from U.K. and France for converting biowaste into fuel gases [natural and producer gas] to run power plants of 10MW
  4. Assisting our client a Singapore based joint venture Company for a Biodiesel project- Biodiesel plants based on organic waste.
  5. Since 1995, we have worked on various biofuels subjects such as biogas, energy farming, biomass gasification; poultry waste gasification, etc., as part of our interest in the field of green energy.

Market research studies: In depth Market Research Studies have been conducted successfully on following products and services;
Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Agro chemicals, Dye stuff and allied industries:

  1. Market research for Alkoxylates and Propoxylates in India..
  2. Market Study report on market potential for the products based on cracked c3 & c4 streams, in North Indian states of Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.
  3. Phthalates such as Ditoctyl Phthalate, Dibutyl Phthalate and Diethyl Phthalate
  4. Ethyl Acetate
  5. Diethyl Oxalate
  6. Diclofenac Sodium
  7. Market research study on acetyl chloride
  8. Market research on nutritional product for Old age people in Pune city
  9. Vitamin B-1
  10. Gibberellic Acid
  11. Bromohexane Hydrochloride
  12. Napthl ASG
  13. O.T. Base
  14. Ortho Phylene Diamine (OPDA)
  15. Field research study on various Nitraromatic Chemicals
  16. Field research cum perception study among Medical Practitioners for a new Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drug.
  17. Field research study on Customer Satisfaction in regard to Pharmaceutical Companies.
  18. Market analysis for LAB and LABS for Indian market .
  19. Market Survey on catalysts on all India basis
  20. Market study for introducing new technology in cement plants on all India basis

FMCG, food, and related consumables

  1. Market research for analysing demand for Packed & other varieties of Curds in Pune city. [Conducted for a Singapore based company]
  2. Two Wheeler- Motor cycle-Buyer behavior analysis In PUNE, MUMBAI, NAGPUR, AURANGABAD & KOLHAPUR- SANGALI –SATARA, regions in Maharashtra. [ conducted for Hero Honda Motors Ltd.]
  3. Market research study on Potato wafers and Farsan in Pune city. Market study on Branded Eggs in Pune among the household and intuitional (trade) segments
  4. Study on market potential of Ginger oil in Mumbai Pune and Nashik area.
  5. Field research study on Industrial Chocolates
  6. Study report on product launching cum customer perception analysis of Coldavin & Chywangrans in Pune city
  7. Customer Perception & opinion Assessment Study for analysing the potential for running gold store outlets
  8. Research study in Pune region on analysing the Market potential for a new processed food venture to be started by Ex-servicemen’s cooperative society.
  9. Study on student transport mechanism followed by the schools in Regions of Pune & Wai- Mahabaleshwar
  10. Consumer research on analysing media habits with specific reference to Television media among affluent respondents from Pune And Mumbai cities.
  11. Field research study on Customer Opinion on a New Cigarette (sample size-3000)
  12. Field research study of Radio Pagers in two segments; 1. Industry & Business And 2. Households

Engineering, Plastic and allied industries

  1. After sale Service oriented satisfaction survey among Steam boiler Customers across entire India [ Worked as an associate. Sample size was above 1200 nos. of respondents at various on-site locations through-out the country]
  2. Market research study on electrical & electronic connectors in Mumbai, Pune and Banglore
  3. Study on market potential of HDPE woven sacks and Tarpaulin in Gujarat State
  4. Study on consumer opinion and utility potential of injection needle housing in Delhi, Mumbai and Pune area.
  5. Market potential analysis for Copper and Copper alloy tubes for the Indian Market.
  6. Study on HDPE & MDPE pipes and fittings in Mumbai, Pune and Nasik area.
  7. Field research study on Industrial Pumps
  8. Field research study on Computer Printer Ribbons and typewriter Ribbons
  9. Field research study on Light Diesel Oil
  10. Market potential study for labeling machines and labels in Mumbai’s Industrial Area.

Export and international Market :- SH Specializes In Product Wise- Country Wise Export Market Search. SH specializes in Conducting such assignments and has conducted various such assignments continuously from the year 1996.

  1. Country study on Mauritius, Singapore and selected European countries.
  2. Country study on CIS countries
  3. Product wise export market search of various products being traded between India & Poland; along with other European countries.
  4. Export Market study for Notebooks [ school and collage exercise books], Picture Books, Children Books Alongwith School & Computer Stationary to your country.
  5. Analysis of the Export Potential Of India for Sectors like Marine/Seafood, Readymade Garments, Chemicals, Fine Chemicals, Agro products, Leather Products, Ayurvedic Products And Crude Drugs/Herbs.
  6. Market Study Of MMF Textiles At Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan & Uzbekistan
  7. Field research study on exports financing
  8. Field research study among the reputed exporters in Pune area

Software Internet and web portals

  1. “ IT in changing times”-: Qualitative research conducted for knowing views with value-added guidelines of leading Software professionals and CEOs after the Turbulent times after Y2K and the bubble burst of dot com ventures in India.
  2. Market Research Study for analyzing the potential for consulting through Web-Enabled Software solutions for business
    Performance improvements among the discrete manufacturing sector based industries from Pune region.
  3. Market Survey on The Potential of Broad Band Internet Services In select segments of Bibvewadi and Pimpri In Pune City.

Construction and Housing sector:

  1. rket survey on Micro-Concrete Roofing Tiles in Pune and Goa regions.
  2. Identification of potential buyers for residential premises at the Runwal prestige residential complex coming up at Pune- Nagar road.
  3. Feasibility study for starting service apartment facility at F.C.Road, Pune.
  4. Project commerciality consulting for the proposed Commercial and residential project coming up At Talegaon in an area of 100 Acres. Project will start in 2009 and we will assist the promoters in getting FDI and also in market networking for selling the properties.
  5. Commercial-Real estate- Database:
    In 2007, created a 300,000 sq.ft. data base of properties, of of commercial real estate for sell or lease rent in the range over and above 3,000 to 20,000 sq.ft. or more of each in size, at different locations in and around Pune available for sell or lease rent in and around Pune City. The purpose of this data base is to identify genuine "good" properties for the requirement of our various client companies, relocating themselves in and around Pune. This database is upgraded continuously, on regular basis.


  1. Preparation of Detailed Project Reports {DPR} along with a survey report for proposed residential School projects at Nimbut and at Kadepur in Maharashtra.

Product Launching

  1. Mouth freshener, a substitute for tobacco products
  2. Rubber Antioxidant-2, Mercaptobenzimidazole.
  3. Ve Card – India’s first ever-electronic Business card. This card in form of a Visiting card shape CD virtually details out entire Business profile in form of voice or visual data.
  4. Product launching assignment for healthy cooking oil Carotino - through Promotional Activities like Shop campaigns At chemists and other trade points and through Doctors Categories like Cardiologists; Gynecologist &General practitioners

Similar work :

  1. Market linking Program for MSME ; which would be a retail -linkage for the small & middle scale enterprises or the individuals to the retail outlets. This market reaching out effort aims at Market tie-ups building & strengthening the retail market access of such individual companies, which would help them to overcome the deficiencies and facilitate their market growth potentials.
  2. Market survey for Bulk/Industrial/B2B Sales/Market/Marketing/Potential for chocolates.
  3. Market research study report on “Scrutiny of the Customer Loyalty and Understanding the scope for improvement based on Brand and Customer Perception Survey in the select areas for a leading gold brand”
  4. Market research report on “Health Drink” product in Pune and Mumbai cities among selected respondents
  5. Market Research Study & Feasibility Analysis For Pomegranate Fruit Processing Unit.
  6. Research study on market assessment for the Shopping mall with hyper market and six screens multiplex {250 cap each} coming up at Abhiruchi, Singhagad Road, Pune.
  7. Research and Feasibility study report on Production of Marathi movie
  8. Shop campaigns At around68 nos. of chemists and trade points for Carotino cooking oil
  9. Market analysis for LAB and LABS for Indian market .
  10. Market research on nutritional product for Old age people in Pune city.
  11. Study report on Castor oil and it's derivatives100 TPD CASTOR SEED CRUSHING AND DERIVATIVES PRODUCTION PLANT .
  12. Research study for market opportunity assessment and business assessment for the proposed Shopping mall complex; for your property located at Chinchwad, Pune
  13. Market research and Feasibility Study Report on Metropolitan Area Network for Pune City
  14. Market Research and Feasibility of your Food products, Potato Chips & Banana Chips
  15. Research Study on Identifying herbal/Agro-Commodities and extracts thereof, which have a well-identified Market access/demand, to be produced in the vicinity of Satara District
  16. Research study for analysing the market potential for lime free and sulphur free sugar in India.
  17. Indiallia April 2012: Biznovators are appointed as the Delegation leaders in India for this World’s largest International forum which is conducted first time in India.
  18. Exploring project opportunities from the Solar and biomass energy generation fields

Pre-investment analysis / Feasibility Studies

Our group specializes in pre- investment analysis, by virtue of the services rendered by our group company - S.H.CHEM.TECH.- a chemical project management consulting firm , which has a standing of last 17 years.

  1. Various Dyes like Fast Bases, Napthols, Acid Dyes, Direct Dyes and Vat Dyes
  2. Many Dye Intermediates like Ortho Nitro Anisole, Para Chloro Ortho Nitro Aniline, Para Toludine, Para Amino Azo Benzene, O.T.Base etc.
  3. Sodium Carboxy Methyl Cellulose (Sodium CMC)
  4. Salicylic Acid
  5. Acid Slurry (L.A.B.S.)
  6. Menthol, Benzyl Alcohol , Benzyl Chloride & Benzyl Acetate
  7. 2,6 Dichloro Aniline
  8. Rengolite
  9. Sodium Hydrosulfite
  10. Mineral Water
  11. Neam Oil , Rose Extract, Jasmine Extract, Tube Rose Extract, Citronella Oil , Ginger Oil , etc. botanical extracts
  12. Ferric Alum
  13. Potassium Iodide & Sodium Iodide
  14. Orthophenylene Diamine
  15. Castor Oil And it’s derivatives :
    Detailed Project report for analysing the Project concept of processing 100 tons/ day of castor crushing to produce castor oil and for producing value added products, thereof; at a pre-decided location in Rajasthan.

List of clients

  1. MVIRDC World Trade Centre, Mumbai .
  2. BVG India Ltd., Pune
  3. BAIF Research & Development Foundation, Pune
  4. P.N.Gadgil & Sons
  5. Carotino India Pvt. Ltd.
  6. i-source, Pune
  7. Abhiruchi Mall & Multiplex, Pune
  8. Thermax Limited, Pune
  9. Croda chemicals Pvt. Ltd.
  10. Dhariwal group of industries [Manikchand]
  11. Tata Motors Ltd., (through associate)
  12. Sharangdhar Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., Pune
  13. Kastorking {India} Pvt. Ltd., Singapore& Pune
  14. Ancent Software International Ltd., Pune
  15. Jyotichand Bhaichand Saraf and sons Pvt. Ltd., Baramati
  16. Synergy Foods Pvt. Ltd., Pune, Malaysia, Singapore
  17. Center for Youth Development and Activities (CYDA), Pune
  18. Men Interactive Network Ltd., Pune
  19. Hero Honda Motors Ltd.
  20. Blue bird India Ltd.
  21. Jinesh Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
  22. Constro-properties (India) Pvt. Ltd.,
  23. Saraswati Education Society
  24. Aquapharm Chemical Co. Pvt. Ltd., Pune
  25. (through associates)Tata Motors Ltd., IOC Ltd., DST, Tara, SDC, (all New Delhi ,India)


About Harshavardhan (Vinit) Ranade:

Harsh Ranade:

Specialties: Market Research & surveys, Growth consulting, Entrepreneurial development and expansions, Entrepreneurial Mentoring, Growth potential analysis, Chemical Project Consulting, new market development.

Fondly called as Harsha, Harsh or Vinit; Harshavardhan (Vinit) Ranade; is chemical Engineer with Specialized Training Entrepreneurship & is an internationally accredited mentor.

Harsh Ranade as the director of Gaea Consulting Solutions Pvt Ltd [ formerly S.H.Consultants Pvt.Ltd.] and as the founder & Partner – S.H. Chem. Tech.; is a tremendously successful entrepreneur himself. And also founder of two more flagship brands Biznovators & De’ la’ Artestra.

He has vast experience in the fields of Market Research and consulting. Since 2010, He has trained over 1500+ + budding entrepreneurs and has mentored and helped countless number of entrepreneurs to establish their business ventures. Harsh has been motivating people to start their own business and mentors them till they reach the top. Being a true entrepreneur at heart he believes that every person should have something, which one can call it as his own creation!

He has an active 25 years experience, has accomplished more than 2000+ of assignments from the field of Market surveys & Research studies and Techno-Commercial studies, strategic growth consulting; and entrepreneurial mentoring. Also has rich experience in chemical & allied Project management, Event Management, as a training Faculty for Entrepreneurial Development & start ups Management along with Marketing and mindset change programs.

His Brand Biznovators acts as forum which helps entrepreneur ‘meet and understand their problems in-face and not to run away from them’. Through this forum he tries to bring together people, who share and support and grow.

His training modules focus on following main segments

1. Entrepreneurship: “Bringing growth by Following the 25 Golden Rules of Entrepreneurship”

Harsh Ranade has formulated 25 rules for entrepreneurs, which guides entrepreneurs & business corporates and makes them understand where they go wrong and what’s to be avoided so that can achieve what they want. These 25 golden rules guarantee success for people who religiously follow them and achieve excellent growth in their personal life and business ventures. This module focuses greatly on entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs and is useful in building your own self innovatively and creatively to achieve the goals by creating a strong vision. The result orientation of the previous seminars on this subject was highly appreciated and indeed useful to ones who attended it; in achieving their growth vision…..

2. Market yourself for growth : “The only way to success”

A comprehensive training on marketing and self-improvement. Marketing is said to be the mother of entrepreneurship. People who do not concentrate on their marketing never climb the ladder of success. Marketing is not “how much” you sell but it is always how you sell yourself successfully!!
Main points covered are:

  1. 4 stages of marketing
  2. Know yourself
  3. Communication
  4. Marketing approach
  5. Marketing planning - Market research
  6. Demand and supply analysis
  7. Advertising, brand creation
  8. Packaging design aspects
  9. Selling skills
  10. Market positioning

3. Conducting industry interface – management program for students, apprentices and management enthusiasts

Through this week long training an exposure is given to the target group with respect to standards and expectations from the corporate world from these future corporate workforces. Training module focuses on; Knowing oneself; Self analysis through NLP based programme; Personality development; Etiquettes and ethics of the corporate world; Importance of Management functions and Quality standards; Communication skills and behavioral aspects; Entrepreneurship ; Change management; Handling stress; Goal setting; Bring self growth by adopting golden rules of success. The main motto of this module is create the mindset “ Full Of Liveliness, Personal Prosperity And Self Motivation ” to achieve their dreams through this management programme.

4. Initiating an Entrepreneurial Development initiative at education and management institute .

Biznovators, highly values the spirit of smart entrepreneurship, in today’s world opportunities give highest benefit to those ones who act smart , innovatively and creatively, to conquer the disbelief of uncertainty and impossibility.It has been the endeavor of Biznovators to support and help individuals through entrepreneurship initiative to bring growth. Biznovators also believes that Students deserve to receive the highest benefit through exploration of entrepreneurial opportunities around them. In fact if the need based training of Entrepreneurship is imparted, by giving understanding of true values and benefits of the concept, will not only open the doors of unlimited growth to these youngsters but will also give them the required strength to face their future with honor. This is the need of the time.

Biznovators helps in establishing an Entrepreneurial Development initiative at education and management institute levels for the deserving students. Harsh calls this endeavor - our dream project- Biznovators त रु Um B !!


About the Directors:-

Mr. Harshavardhan Ranade

A chemical engineer with specialization in Entrepreneurship is the Resource Head & backbone of the Organization. Has worked in Market research & consulting for last 20+ years.

Ms. Vinita Ranade

A Management Graduate of University of Pune with specialization in Finance, is the commercial think tank. A founder director with over 17+ years of work exposure.
Both the directors have to their credit whole hearted participation in all the assignments; such as Market Research, Research Studies, Field Research, Techno-Economic Feasibility Studies, Export market search, Collaboration and Technology Transfer Search; motivational training and similar consulting assignments.

Our Team:

We as a company policy have built up a strong associate network of experts, in every management discipline along with a support team of field work force. This field force includes senior investigators, management associates as well as data analysts, and a close software support of associates having expertise in software development and data entry of all types.

These associates work with us on job-to-job basis all over India. The field team selection is done strictly on the basis of assignment requirements. Similarly, as a policy this entire network is controlled centrally, by the directors (- a mutually shared responsibility-) with an able assistance of the support team. This support team is constantly kept in check based on a work performance yardstick, so there are few expected periodic replacements; to gives us the required quality. Apart from this we have a management committee in charge of taking the decisions related to company policies and strategies.

In May 2003, considering the business need, we have expanded our set up by shifting our office to the most central and prominent location in Pune- Deccan Gymkhana, off J.M.Road. Our new well-resourced and creative set up is equipped to handle all of our corporate operations.

Further plans: We are in a process of establishing a research centre in Pune. Research center’s main aim is to develop the new growth strategies based on Market research and Techno-commercial principles and also to get the client- Entrepreneurs- an exact idea about the commerciality of their ventures to develop the business Purposefully.

Biznovators as a brand: We have developed ourselves as a brand, which aims to nurture opportunities for entrepreneurs by providing a variety of growth solutions!!


8, “ KRISHNA-KUNJ ”, 1187/23, SHIVAJINAGAR, GHOLE ROAD, PUNE 411005. India

Mobile:- +91- 9822798940 / 8888861767

e-mail:- shcpl@vsnl.net, biznovators@gmail.com